This season you may have to fight to stay focused on what God has promised you.  I know it easier said than done but dig your heels in and cry if you have to but keep believing in the promise.

Distractions come with the territory of purpose and  destiny.  Every day you will have to encourage yourself by speaking words of affirmation to combat the negativity that you may be knocking daily on the door of your soul.  Dig your heels in and refuse to quit because you are closer than you think. 

Keep your head up, focus forward and refuse to rehearse the past with it’s disappointments. Things will get better and you will get better.  Keep toxicity at a distance because it will contaminate your thinking, making it difficult to discern the real from the fake.  Dig your heels in and refuse to be intimidated by solitude because clarity is coming.  

Stay encouraged! Things are changing and turning for your good!

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